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Good morning, Afrika! Happy Monday!


Fela’s legacy lives on…

Stunning murals by street artist, M-E-S-A in the Western Sahara.

The Sahara, under hard conditions of life, living in the so called ‘desert of the deserts’ a land that has no end, where time doesn’t exist. This mystic culture, full of magic is in a political conflict whose solution isn’t appropriate for many countries, including mine. The old Saharawi’s villages that are found in the Moroccan occupied Western Sahara, have been and continue today being victims of crimes against humanity. [They] are separated from the liberated Sahara by ‘the wall of shame’ (a military wall), defended with large military forces on the front line, and protected with millions of land mines by the liberated part. [They] say that art crosses borders. After seeing the reality, I am proud to contribute my little grain of sand, transmitting a message of peace and freedom. – M-E-S-A


I think I know why I love Tart Clothing so much. It’s the simple silhouettes, together with its quirky play on shape that I love. I adore the hues and the youthful energy of the current collection (pictured above), and the simple jersey knits just look so comfortable and easy to wear. AND (yes, there’s another and), their collections are “Proudly South African” and all locally produced. A winner all round then.

An interesting documentary on Angola’s death metal sub-culture, directed by Jeremy Xido.

Perhaps a wee bitty late, but better late than never. The wonderful Illume Creative Studio have put together a fascinating documentary on Nneka, and her East African tour earlier this year, which took her from Kigali in the West to the ever beautiful Zanzibar in the East. Check it out!

For those who are based in Nairobi or nearby, you are some lucky, lucky people. Adèle Dejak will, on the 5th of May officially unveil her newest collection – Rogo – at the annual Tribal Chic fashion show. Excitingly for people like me however, the collection will be available online via Dejak’s new online store in the very near future.

The Rogo collection its self, inspired by long-standing ambassadors of the Dejak’s brand, is effortlessly stylish, bold yet perfectly formed. Its statement making pieces are highly covetable, and reflect the designer’s personal heritage – from West to East Africa, via Europe. What’s really interesting though is how Dejak’s work reinterprets the way in which traditional African artistry can be utilised.

The stunning Rogo collection incorporates a gorgeous mixture of materials, including recycled aluminium, recycled brass, recycled denim, leather, horn, mouth-watering Kuba cloth and wax print fabric to die for. All of which have been beautifully crafted by skilled Kenyan artisans and expert crafts people from across East Africa to produce stand out accessories that can take you from day to night.

For further info, or to subscribe to the Adèle Dejak mailing list, visit

When it’s a DV8 production, you know it’s going to be good, and over the weekend, How to Steal 2 million picked up not one but four African Movie Academy Awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Achievement in Editing). This thrilling feature by Director, Charlie Vundla tells the story of Jack, an ex-con trying to go legit after five years in prison. His partner in crime, Twala however, has other plans.

Award winning Mtoko Designs has fast become one of the most interesting players in the Tanzanian menswear arena. Headed by Salim Ali, the fledgling fashion house unveiled its third collection, Mng’ao at Alliance Francaise in Dar es Salaam earlier this month. Producing only original, handmade garments, featuring khanga and kitenge details, Mtoko Designs is leading the way on the Tanzanian fashion scene. Its recent promotional fashion shoot (pictured above) took place at Dar hotspot, Nyumbani Lounge, and encapsulates the brand’s cheeky, retro feel.

For more info, you can contact Salim Ali directly via

Awesome spontaneous video, shot on the streets of Sambizanga, Luanda with local residents and dance crews for a track recorded just days earlier. I love Angola’s energy!

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