“Haraka haraka, haina baraka”*, or so the Swahili saying goes. True or not, Usanii Afrika was, is and will be dedicated to bringing to you quality contemporary African artistry of all kinds – from music, film and literature to sculpture, fashion and fine or digital art, or in fact any other contemporary artistic expression, hailing from the mother continent.

The inspiration for this blog came some 2 years ago through many years of passion for the arts, especially those hailing from Africa. There was though a second motivation for this blog. This was to show the world that Africa has not only traditions, but that it is completely engaged in the 21st century, and in fact carving a truly modern and inspired path for its self, both in terms of the arts, and otherwise.

This is a blog that likes you to get involved. Comment, chat and share, so that in the future this will become a community – a kind of art loving family!

Karibu sana, Usanii Afrika!*


* Translations: “Haraka haraka, haina baraka” is a Swahili saying, warning against rushing. Karibu sana, Usanii Afrika, means Welcome to Artistry Africa, also in Swahili.