Biennale 2

‘Nigerian Mystic Visa Temple’, Karo Akpokiere, Nigeria


‘Untitled’, Sammy Baloji, Democratic Republic of Congo

biennale 3

‘Décor’, Adel Abdessemed, Algeria

biennale 8

‘Untitled’, Kay Hassan, South Africa

biennale 9

‘Mamma Roma’, Marlene Dumas, South Africa

biennale 7

‘Untitled’, Gonçalo Mabunda, Mozambique

biennale 10

‘De Quoi Rêvent Les Martyrs II’, Nidhal Chamekh, Tunisia

biennale 11

‘Untitled (Lion)’, Joachim Schönfeldt, South Africa


‘Dessin, Mine de Plomb Sur Papier’, Massinissa Selmani, Algeria

biennale 99

‘Lisa and ‘Pretty’’, Mikhael Subotzky, South Africa

biennale last

‘Purification XV’, Barthélémy Toguo, Cameroon

The 56th International Art Exhibition, organised by the Venice Biennale, is this year curated by Okwui Enwezor and is entitled ‘All the World’s Futures’. Excitingly, of the 136 artists to exhibit at the event, a good number of them stem from the continent, as seen above. Of the exhibition, Enwezor writes,

The principal question the exhibition will pose is this: How can artists, thinkers, writers, composers, choreographers, singers, and musicians, through images, objects, words, movement, actions, lyrics, sound bring together publics in acts of looking, listening, responding, engaging, speaking in order to make sense of the current upheaval? What material, symbolic or aesthetic, political or social acts will be produced in this dialectical field of references to give shape to an exhibition which refuses confinement within the boundaries of conventional display models? In All the World’s Futures the curator himself, along with artists, activists, the public, and contributors of all kinds will appear as the central protagonists in the open orchestration of the project.

The exhibition is due do open in Venice on the 9th of May, closing on the 22nd of November. For further information and for a more in depth introduction to the themes explored through Biennale Arte 2015, click here.