The video for Petit Noir’s most recent visual offering was premiered on The New York Times Magazine website earlier this week. Petit Noir, who has a myriad of successes to his name, including having worked with none other than Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), considers himself to be most proud of having coined the term “Noirwave” to describe Africa’s current influence on global popular culture.

“The term ‘African music’ is so overused, to the point that when some people say it, it just sounds cheesy. Noirwave was always meant to include clothing, art, photography, music obviously — all types of things. It’s taking the Africa that we know, turning it upside down and bringing people a new black. Solange is super Noirwave. So is Beyoncé. Noirwave is pop culture — it’s coming, but right now it’s just boiling.”

‘The Fall’ is a stand out track Petit Noirs ‘The King of Anxiety’ EP, which gives a delightful taste of an album to be released later in the year. The intimate and minimalist video is inspired by Marina Abramovic’s 2010 MoMA performance and features both Petit Noir and his girlfriend, Rochelle Nembhard who co-directed.

“This video shows what a relationship in general is: our attempt to lose selfness and achieve unity. When we fall, we fall together.”

Source: The New York Times Magazine.