Usanii Afrika (meaning Artistry Africa in Swahili) is a blog born out of passion. Innately creative herself, blogger, Kirsty Macdonald has had a life long love affair with the arts and self expression. Deciding to hone this love down to focus on artistry from the African continent, she became bored and frustrated with the concepts that Africa was, is, and will forever be “traditional”, “tribal”, or “ethnic” and has nothing to note other than famine, war and disease. Usanii Afrika’s aim is therefore not only to showcase the very best in contemporary African artistry, be it sculpture, fine art, film, music, or fashion, but to show the world that Africa has so much more to offer than is often portrayed.


Kirsty Macdonald hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and has spent 7 years living in Africa – in particular Zanzibar & Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She earned a degree in African Language and Culture from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London in 2008, and has worked within the African arts and Tanzanian digital media industries.