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From March until September, one of the world’s leading centres of design, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein will be exhibiting the work of over 120 artists and designers from across the continent.

Making Africa – A Continent of Contemporary Design, illustrates how design accompanies and fuels economic and political changes on the continent. Africa is presented as a hub of experimentation generating new approaches and solutions of worldwide relevance – and as a driving force for a new discussion of the potential of design in the twenty-first century.

From photography by Mozambique’s Mário Macilau to eyewear sculptures by Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru and furniture by Mali’s Cheick Diallo, Making Africa – A Continent of Contemporary Design looks like an exhibition for art and design lovers of all kinds to make a b line for!

For more information, visit the Vitra Design Museum website.


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Cape Town design duo, Bofred have come together with skilled craftswomen at Sisters 4 Sisters – a local community organisation aimed at empowering women exposed to abuse – to create this stunning range of woven wall hangings and leather necklaces, that were exhibited for the first time at the recent Design Indaba. The wall hangings are available in two colour options, and are available to buy together with the necklaces on Bofred’s online store, with a percentage of all proceeds going towards the social and economic empowerment of the crafters.

Award winning Senegalese designer, Bibi Seck and design partner, Ayse Birsel design for a multitude of global brands in the office, home, retail and automotive sectors. Above is their wonderfully covetable, oversized Madame Dakar chair, which is handwoven out of plastic threads by skilled craftsmen using local Senegalese techniques. This, together with a whole range of bold, perfectly formed pieces were designed as part of a their inspired M’Afrique collection in collaboration with Moroso, each item with thier own personal identity. Madame Dakar for example is “an impersonation of a beautiful and monumental woman from Dakar”.

You can imagine sitting on her lap, your head between her breasts and gazing to the stars. – Bibi Seck

These beautiful, softly rounded products are as inviting as they are stunningly gorgeous.

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